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Bembde Hospital

Bembde Hospital is an inspirational model of excellence & proud NABH Accredited Multispeciality hospital. It is pioneer in the region for Facial Aesthetic surgery, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Liposuction& Tummy tuck, Melanocyte transplant for Vitiligo, Breast implant, Breast Reduction, Hymenoplasty, Anti-aging, Fillers & Laser treatments for scars, acne, wrinkles, etc. since 1999. Our experienced Doctors & staff are specially groomed for taking care & providing comfort to the cosmetic surgery clients coming from all over India & abroad. We consul the clients about all their needs & help them to take best decisions about Laser procedures, Aesthetic surgery & Non-Surgical Procedures. Also we help our patients to choose the daily skin care products as per their skin quality, texture and needs. We provide daily skin maintenance program & beauty tips for better aesthetic results.

We are regional Hand Surgery referral centre for all types of complex hand injuries & hand problems including Replantations of amputated hands & fingers , industrial hand injuries, birth defects of hand, hand infections, hand tumours. Diabetic foot care & wound clinic (first of its kind in the region since 2005)at Bembde Hospital is providing preventive, curative & rehabilitation services for complex diabetic foot ulcers, deformities & other non healing wounds of foot to prevent amputations.

Bembde Hospital is the most favoured centre in the region for complex reconstructive surgery for degloving trauma, leg injury, open fractures, cancer, birth defects, etc. We are expert in Facio-maxillary Surgeries including facial injuries & fractures of facial bones surgery & surgeries for nose, chin, orbit and jaw deformities.

Burns centre at Bembde Hospital is the “International centre of excellence” & most busy private burns centre in India. We are favoured “International Training Centre for Plastic surgeons, Wound Specialists & para medical staff.

As a “Humanitarian mission “we provide daily free cleft lip & cleft palate surgeries since 2007 under Smile Train project!

Our other added specialities Dermatology, General surgery, Laparoscopy, Orthopedic surgery, Spine & Joint Replacement, Oncosurgery & Retinal Laser Centre are backed by experienced senior Consultants & best equipments for giving desired clinical results since 2011.

We are 100 bed capacity Multispeciality hospital with 35 functioning beds having cashless Mediclaim facilities. We have two most advanced and high tech operation theaters in this region with class 100 laminar air flow technology for all kinds of safe surgeries specially Breast Implant, Liposuction , joint replacements , etc which requires highest sterility standards & precautions to avoid surgical infections. Our CSSD Department has fully automated autoclave and the best machines in the region. Our operation rooms have modern German anesthesia work stations, multipara monitors, defibrillators, etc. for safest anesthesia & smooth postop recovery along with other strict International safety protocols & standards. Most important part of Bembde Hospital is our proud well trained & experienced staff with mission to give best services with warm smiles & personal touch to everyone!

-Mission :-

“To Provide Best Quality of Medical Services with Team Efforts in Reasonable Cost to All Sections of Society."


“To be one of the Best Rated Hospital in the Area of Plastic, Cosmetic, Burns, Hand Surgery & Multispecialty in India."

Due to our best results with affordable cost, we routinely attract patients from Central & North Maharashtra and Pune region. Also we are favorite destination for lot many overseas patients and students from gulf countries seeking education in Aurangabad university.

  • Mar 2015 Award by IMA Aurangabad for “The Best Surgical Intervention for a challenging & complicated case of chronic burns wounds.
  • JAN 2015 Prestigious 2nd International Charity Mission for providing Free Plastic Surgery for the unfortunate victims of Domestic Violence “Women for Women” under the banner of IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery).We operated total 64 free Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries in this camp.
  • Nov 2013 Prestigious International Charity Mission for providing Free Plastic Surgery for the unfortunate victims of Domestic Violence “Women for Women” under the banner of IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery). We did total 42 free Plastic surgeries in this project. (Highest surgeries among similar such projects in other Indian hospitals.)
  • Mar 2014 CDC Atlanta, USA & DGHS India had honored Bembde Hospital by including us officially for the pilot project of Burn Registry in India. We are one of the very few Private Plastic Surgery Hospital to be selected for this prestigious project due to our extensive work & expertise in Burn Care in India
  • SEP 2013 Award- Dr. Ramakant Bembde has been awarded by the Gujarat Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India with the very prestigious P. K. Bilwani Award in September 2013 in recognition of his extraordinary contribution in the field of Burns Care in India. Also he delivered the oration about the recent advances in burns wound management & Meek Micro grafting technique.
  • OCT 2011 We started a new hospital setup: One of the biggest Private Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery Hospital & Burns Centre in India.
  • JUN 2010 Started first regional Hair Transplant Clinic along with all imported equipments for permanent hair restoration & special training of hair technicians.
  • JAN 2009 First Specialty Breast Clinic for Aesthetic & Oncological Breast problems, including early breast cancer detection & women education.
  • JUN 2008 Started Specialty Care Diabetic Foot Centre. (First of its kind in the Central Maharashtra) for prevention & better surgical treatment of diabetic foot ulcers based on the guidelines of International Diabetic Foot Society.
  • OCT 2007 Smile Train Project, USA for doing humanitarian work of providing free surgery to Cleft Lip & Palate patients
  • AUG 2007 Installation of Meek Micro grafting machine (The only third machine in India) & Meek cordless dermatome (The only second machine in India) from Netherlands for skin graft expansion up to 1:9 ratio for patients of major burns having limited donor sites for graft harvest.
  • JAN 2007 Presentation in NABICON 2007 & APSICON 2007 about our original innovative concepts & protocols for “Mega Excision in major burns in Indian Setup.”
  • NOV 2006 The first installation in the region of Peripheral Nerve Locator B Braun Germany.
  • SEP 2006 Installation of C-Arm machine. The first such installation in a Private Plastic Surgery setup in Maharashtra.
  • FEB 2006 The first successful total hand Replantation of Avulsion Amputation of a Hand in Industrial press machine Trauma in the region.
  • Jun 2005 • The first complex Replantation of Amputated Middle Three Fingers ray in the region.
  • • Installation of the first CO2 laser in the region..
  • Jul 2005 The first complex Replantation in the region of Amputated Middle Three Fingers ray.
  • JAN 2005 Availability of S and T (Switzerland) Instruments. The first of its kind in the region.
  • DEC 2004 The very first Breast Implant Surgery for Breast Augmentation in the Central Maharashtra & Marathwada region.
  • OCT 2004 The first Tissue Expander Surgery in the region for Post Burn Alopecia in a seven years child with only 40 % available donor site.
  • SEP 2004 Ganga Micro Surgery course to enhance Micro vascular Surgery skills.
  • AUG 2004 The first Complex Ear Reconstruction using rib graft. The first of its kind in the region.
  • JAN 2004 Installation of Carl Zeiss Operative Microscope – The first installation in a Private plastic surgery hospital in Maharashtra.
  • AUG 2003 The first ‘Early Mega Excision’ of major burns and homograft.
  • APR 2003 One of the biggest Plastic Surgery setup in Maharashtra state with 18 beds.
  • APR 2000 The first Regional Burns Care centre.
  • Mar 2000 Transforming Faces Worldwide Project for doing free Cleft lip & Palate surgeries at Jamkhed
  • FEB 2000 The first successful Replantation of Amputation of Thumb in the region.
  • JAN 2000 Publication of original article in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery about plastic surgery after Cancer of Penis.
  • DEC 1999 The first successful Plastic Surgery for Fracture of Penis. A rare surgery.
  • SEP 1999 The first Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Surgery in the Central Maharashtra.
  • AUG 1999 The first Rhinoplasty Surgery in Aurangabad Region.
  • May 1999 Plastic Surgery Setup With Six Beds: The First Regional Cosmetic Surgery, Cancer Reconstructive Surgery & Micro vascular Surgery Centre.
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