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Rhinoplasty for nose reshaping can be a life-changing experience, boosting your self-esteem and enhancing your facial harmony. Nose job or Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery done for cosmetic and/or functional improvements in nose. It improves proportions of the nose & facial aesthetics by correctIng nose deformities which can be caused due to infections, trauma, disease or birth defects. It is one of the most demanded & popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in India across all ages, ethnicities, and genders. Specially it’s commonly demanded by younger girls before marriage in Indian population. Septorhinoplasty is done for improving breathing difficulties due to deviated septum. Thus Nose Surgery improves both shape and function of nose. What are the common changes done in nose during rhinoplasty? Dr. Bembde can increase or reduce the size or height of the nose. He can remove unwanted dorsal nose hump. With tipplasty we improve the shape of tip & also can modify bridge of the nose. During nose plasty we can narrow the flared nostrils & thin the thick base of ala. As per need & desires of patient, we can change the angle between the nose and the lip for better aesthetic looks.

Usually nose reshaping is done using our own body tissues from septum, ear or rib cartilage graft. Reshaping nose surgery is advised only after full facial growth at the age of 16 to 18 years unless there are severe breathing problems. Bembde Hospital is pioneer & popular in Maharashtra for rhinoplasty & septorhinoplasty surgeries since 1999. Dr. Ramakant Bembde is having special interest & expertise in Nose Cosmetic Surgery & Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Bembde understand & preoperatively analyse the patient’s concerns and expectations from the surgery. Patient should have realistic expectations about the results of nose reshaping surgery.

Preoperative assessment:

Dr. Bembde understand the patient’s concerns and expectations from the surgery. Patient should have realistic expectations. We perform a detailed nasal examination along with good clinical photographs of nose in all views. The photographs helps & guides Plastic Surgeon & patient to know the obvious as well as minor deformities of nose & face. We give instructions for avoiding smoking & certain vitamins and medications etc. We also explain in details to the about the plan of surgery, incision, anesthesia, and approximate time of recovery. Know about which type of deformity can benefit from rhinoplasty?

  • Disproportionate nose size with improper length and width ratio.
  • Abnormal shape with humped appearance.
  • Tip deformities with tilting upwards or downwards
  • Bulbous and bifid tip
  • Asymmetrical or crooked shape cleft tip nose deformity
  • Flared, pinched or thick nostrils
  • Angled nose with abnormal slope

  • Adhesions inside of the nose Rhinoplasty Procedure:

    Plastic surgery of nose is performed under local or general anesthesia. Mostly incisions are made on the inside of the nasal cavity. Only in open tip rhinoplasty & alar base reduction surgery a small incision is made on the skin which heals with un-noticeable scar.

    Types of Rhinoplasty:

    1)Augmentation Rhinoplasty:

    In this rhinoplasty, a depressed or saddle nose is improved by using cartilage grafts from septum, concha of ear or ribs to fill the depressed nose or increasing height of nose & tip support. Very rarely we use implant for such rhinoplasty.

    2)Reduction Rhinoplasty:

    A broad and bulky nose can be corrected by reduction and thinning of nasal framework and nasal bones narrowing. Flared, thick & wide nasal alae are reduced by alar base reduction surgery.

    3)Tip Rhinoplasty (Tip-plasty):

    In such surgery improvement in shape of nasal tip is done. Bulky Tip can be reduced and sharpened. Tip definition can be improved with changes in nasal cartilages.


    In this rhinoplasty is combined with septoplasty to improve breathing problems. Crooked or deviated nose deformities are corrected with Septo-rhinoplasty. The final results of nose reshaping Plastic Surgery should look natural and harmonious in relation to the rest of the face. At the end of surgery, the incisions are stitched & nasal packing done from inside for a day. An external supportive nasal splint is given for a week.

    5) Additional cosmetic procedures:

    Minor surgeries like changes in cheek, chin, neck & malar areas can be done at the same surgery if patient desires. These procedures may further enhance the results of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty as a whole aesthetic unit. Chin enhancement is done with Chin Implant or Chin bone Advanvement surgery. Also Double Chin is corrected with Liposuction.

    6) Post-surgery Recovery:

    There will be some swelling and bruising for temporary period. The best final results of the surgery is seen after about four to six months with new fully refined nasal contour.

    7) Post-operative Care & Recovery:

    There will be minimal swelling for a few days after the #PlasticSurgery of nose. Hence the results of the surgery can be better seen after about six months with new fully refined nasal contour.

    8) Postoperative Tips:

  • Glasses can be used after one to two weeks.
  • Special nasal exercises are advised for a month.
  • Patient can resume routine activities after seven to ten days.

  • 9) Caution:

    Remember, to achieve your aesthetic aspirations reach out only for experienced & board certified university qualified plastic surgeons so that any sort of future complications can be easily reduced or avoided. If you are looking out for the best cosmetic clinic for nose surgery in Aurangabad, Bembde Hospital is the right destination.

    10) Nonsurgical or Liquid Rhinoplasty:

    It’s a new procedure for very selected cases using injectable fillers for nose reshaping. It focuses on the small changes that can be achieved with dissolvable dermal fillers of hyaluronic acid. But it needs to be repeated once a year. Such patients can get back to their normal routine within hours. This works well on minor external nasal defects but it cannot correct interior defects of nose. If you've ever wondered how a simple procedure can make a huge difference in your appearance, you're in the right place. So, let's dive in! “For more details & guidence call or send photos on our special Rhinoplasty Clinic Helpline & whats app no. +918805013088

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