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Bembde Hospital is a one of the most advanced, well equipped & biggest private infrastructure facility for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India.


The hospital inpatient rooms are well furnished,spacious,air conditioned and having various facilities like satellite TV,hot & cold filtered water,refrigerators,wifi internet, etc. We have exclusive separate floor for respecting the confidentiality & privacies of our cosmetic surgery patients.There we have excellent accommodation facility with beautiful and specious super deluxe and VIP suits with superb panoramic view of the world famous monument of ‘Bibika Makabara'( Taj Mahal of Deccan India) & Deogiri Fort.The VIP suits are fully furnished with sofas,refrigerator,satellite television,internet facilities,credit card payment facility,pantry & soothing shower area,etc. All the patient rooms are provided with life saving facilities like central oxygen,central suction and multipara monitors.


We have two Main and two Minor operation theaters.Main Operation rooms are one of the most advanced theaters in this region .It has Class 100 Laminar Air Flow facility to provide the most clean environment to reduce the chances wound infection.Especially it is very useful facility for Breast Implant,Tissue Expander,Liposuction , etc Cosmetic Surgeries. Both main Operation Rooms are well equipped with Best quality OT Lights from Dr.Mach-Germany,Dragger Germany’s world class Anesthesia work station-Fabius Plus,Defibrillator,Invasive Arterial Line Monitoring facility.


There is in house pharmacy with all the needed available medicines & cosmetics. We have in house facilities for ECG, Computerized Digital X-Ray,fully equipped Pathology ,Biochemistry & Microbiology Laboratories. Blood products ,if needed are made available by many blood banks,directly in the hospital within a very short time span. There is also in house canteen for providing prescribed food to the patient & relatives. We have triple backup for electricity supply including a heavy duty genset,central voltage stabilizer,etc.


We have a very experienced & ICU trained nursing & paramedical staff.we maintain a very good patient -nurses & patient-doctor ratio for efficient & safe patient care.Patient safety is the topmost priority for us.

Also we have a big team of very well experience & trained Operation theater technicians,assistants & Anesthesia assistants.


Hair Transplant equipments from South Korea,Folliscopy for Hair Evaluation,Video Microscope for Hair Transplant,Skin Peeler – Skin Polishing USA FDA approved machine from Reviderm Germany,Dermarollers, Liposuction Machines,Autologus Fat Graft Injection Gun,Meek Micrografting & Meek Dermatome machines from Humeka Netherlands,Zimmer Skin Graft Mesher from USA. Lymphapress machine for post liposuction massage,etc.

CO2 Laser‐first of it’s kind in central Maharashtra since2008.Useful for moles,skin tags,scars,tattoos,freckels,etc.

Micro‐dermabrader from Reviderm Germany for improving dull skin and fine wrinnkles.The only US FDA approved machine in this region.

VIDEO‐MICROSCOPE for Hair precise transplantation.

Chow’s Hair Implanters –Korea‐the best in world market for faster and precise hair transplantation.

Autologus fat injection gun for fat injection for lip enlargement and filling depressions and wrinkles.

Lipo‐suction machine for removal of excess fat.

Dr.Mack OT Lights‐Germany‐the best in the world market for the best visualization during precision surgery like Liposuction,Rhinoplasty etc.

Ziess Microscope‐first installation in private Plastic surgery set up of Marathwada since 2005.Very usefull for replantations and other Microvascular surgeries.

Carl Ziess magnifying Loups‐for all types of Cosmetic and Hand reconstructive surgeries.


Anesthesia work station with Ventilator‐ Drager Germany‐Fabius plus.One of the best and safest anesthesia machine in the World market.Useful for all types of complicated surgeries.

Defibrilator‐ Useful for life saving emergency situations.

Braun Nerve locator for accurate nerve blocks for regional anesthesia. The first in the region./creativ_col]


We also have facilities like PCA-patient controlled analgesia pump for postoperative patient comfort to relieve the pain,syringe pumps,Special Silicon & Alternating air mattresses to prevent pressure sores,Ultrasound & other Physiotherapy equippements,C-Arm machine,Alsatome Radio-frequency Diathermy,Carl Zeiss Microscope for Microvascular surgery,Zeiss Magnifying Loupes for Cosmetic Surgery,B Brown Nerve Locator for regional anesthesia,KCI machines (USA) for VAC ( vaccume assisted wound closer),Agfa Digitizer for Computerized X Ray printing,Cardiac Monitors,ETCO2 monitors,Sevoflurane Vaporizers,Microinstruments from S & T (U.K.).

ETO machine‐ best machine for sterilization of surgery instruments and other articles.First machine in Plastic surgery set up in Maharashtra

High Speed,High Vaccume,High Pressure,Double Door Fully Automatic Autoclave from Natt Steel for the best quality sterilization of operation theater equipments & linen.First installation in this region in Plastic Surgery setup.

C‐Arm machine‐first of it’s kind in Plastic surgery set up of Central Maharashtra since 2007.Usefull for hand surgery and fracrtures of both extrimities.

Manman bone drilling and cutting system

Remote operated high end operation table.

Micro‐instruments‐ The first set up since 2005 ,having S and T Switzerlands Micro‐instruments for Microsurgery

The first set up since 2005 ,having S and T Switzerlands Micro‐instruments for Microsurgery.

Computerized X Ray Digital Printer-Agfa(Belgium) Useful for best quality of imaging.

X-ray Film Printers


Meek Dermatome Netherlands the only second machine in INDIA.Very useful for havesting of skin grafts of uniform thickness from almost any parts of body.

Meek Micrografting Machine‐Netherlands‐the only second machine in INDIA. Very useful for expansion of skin graft upto 1:6 ratio.especially life saving for extensive burns and major trauma cases.

Skin graft Mesher -Zimmer (USA) Usefull for meshing and expansion of graft for major burns cases.

Skin graft Mesher‐Apex India‐Usefull machine for meshing and expansion of graft for major burns cases

Simence Servo ventilator‐ for patients having comprimised lung fuctions.

Best quality NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) Machine in the world,from KCI -USA for earlier wound healing in complicated wounds & Ulcers.

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