Bembde hospital plastic ,cosmetic , burn and hand surgery , general surgery, cancer , orthopaedic or troma center multi-speciality hospital
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Pioneer in Burns wound 'Mega excisions '& immediate grafting, Tangential early excision of burn wounds & early grafting, Facial excisions for very deep & infected burns, Meek micro grafting for huge burn wound cover with skin expansion up to 1:6, mesh grafting with skin expansion up to 1:3.

'All in One Release & Reconstruction' of multiple contractures in a single stage for early rehabilitation, Tissue expansion surgery for cosmetic improvement of burns scars of face scalp & exposed parts of body.

Reknown National level Burn Centre for training of Junior Plastic Surgeons & General surgeons in India.

The most experienced Burns Centre in India for Meek Micrografting technique since 2006.

A burn is a type of injury to flesh caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation or friction. Most burns affect only the skin (epidermal tissueand dermis). Rarely, deeper tissues, such as muscle, bone, and blood vessels can also be injured. Burns may be treated with first aid, in an out-of-hospital setting, or may require more specialised treatment such as those available at specialised burn centers.

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