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Hand Surgery

Hand surgery section of Plastic Surgery has wide spectrum which deals with both surgical and non-surgical treatment of deformities & problems in the hand or upper extremity from the tip of the hand to the shoulder including birth defects,injury, tumors , compression syndromes and infections.

Goal of our dedicated specialised hand surgery clinic is to restore the functioning to near normal levels along with improvements in cosmetic appearance of the deceased hand. We are having special Hand Clinic where we perform a wide variety of reconstructive hand surgeries for various diseases such as :

1)Fractures & dislocations of hand bones from wrist onwards.

2)Flexor & extensor tendon injury repair. Functional tendon transfers for paralytic deformities.

3)Reconstruction of soft tissue defects & injuries of hand including degloving & crush injuries.

4)Rheumatoid deformities of Hand & fingers. Reconstruction of Mallet finger, Boutonnières deformities, swan neck deformities, etc.

5)Birth defects like syndactaly (fused fingers),polydactaly (extra fingers), absent thumb, absent fingers, bent fingers, constriction ring syndromes, radial club hand, etc.

6)Replantations:Microsurgical reattachment of amputated fingers, hand, toes and limbs. Revascularisation of critically ischemic limbs due to injury of blood vessels.

7)Microsurgical reconstruction of defects using Free Microvascular Flaps for soft tissues , bone, tendons, nerves etc due to injury, cancers or infections in hand.

8)Nerve repair & Nerve grafts, and surgery to improve function in paralysed upper limbs.

9)Hand infections & Tenosynovitis.

10)Compression Neuropathies like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome, Cubital syndrome,etc.

11)Tumours, Swellings, Cysts, & Cancers of skin, ganglion, fat, nerves , tendons, tendon sheath, bones, vessels of hand.

12)Deformities & Contractures in hand due to burns, infections, injuries, etc.

13)Industrial & Agricultural Hand Injuries.

14)Acute Brachial Plexus Injury Repair & Reconstructions including tendons, muscles & nerve transfers.

15)Vascular malformations, capillary malformations , venous malformations, lymphatic malformations, arteriovenous malformations & hemangiomas involving fingers, hand & upper extremities.

16)Thumb reconstruction using various techniques like Moberg flap,Cross finger flap,Osteoplastic technique,Toe Transfer,Pollicization,etc.

17) Flap cover & reconstruction for soft tissue defects of hand using Groin flap, Abdominal flap,SEPA Flap, etc.

18) Finger Tip & nail bed injuries repairs & reconstructions.

19)Hand rejuvenation surgery with fillers & fat grafting for youthful look.

20)Special Techniques in hand burns: Bembde Hospital is pioneer in India about Early Excision of Burns Wounds in Hand & Immediate Skin Grafting since 2003. Dr. Bembde have presented our research in many Burns,Hand & Plastic Surgery Conferences. This technique greatly reduces the chances of hand & finger contractures following deep burns. Hence such patients returns to work early without deformities.

Special training of Dr.Ramakant Bembde in Hand Surgery:

Dr. Bembde has received special training in hand surgery during his residency. He has completed prestigious Ganga Microvascular Surgery Training course in 2004. Also he had updated his skills & knowledge in hand surgery by actively participating in various international & national hand surgery workshops & conferences so that he is able to treat most of the injuries of bones and soft tissues of the hand and upper extremity.He had done the first successful Replantation of amputated hand during postgraduate training only at Topiwala National Medical College & Nair Hospital in 1997.

Dr. Bembde is life member of Indian Society for the Surgery of the Hand. (ISSH), Indian Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ISRM) & Brachial Plexus Surgery Group of India. He has presented his exclusive clinical work in Replantation & Hand Surgery in many International & National Conferences.

Dr.Ramakant Bembde has treated more than 1000 Industrial Hand Trauma & Injuries along with non industrial injuries & deformities.

Bembde Hospital is a reputed tertiary Hand Surgery Centre for Industrial & Domestic Hand injuries, since 1999 in the Central Maharashtra.

We are pioneers in the region about starting Microvascular Hand Surgery facilities in 2004 with all the advanced equipments including Carl Zeiss Microscope, S&T Microinstruments,C-Arm,etc. Dr.Bembde had done the very first successful replantation (reattachment) of amputated Hand,thumb,fingers,elbow etc in Marathwada.

Hand surgery incorporates techniques from plastic surgery orthopaedics , general surgery, neurosurgery and microvascular surgery and is a very complex, fascinating & challenging specialty of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Humanitarian work in Hand Surgery:
1)Free Hand Reconstructive Surgery:

Dr.Ramakant Bembde has actively participated in many free hand surgery camps for Leprosy patients in Gujarat & Maharashtra.

2)Restoring Hands Mission :

Bembde Hospital provides free hand surgery to female patients in underserved communities each year in a charity mission.

3)Prevention of Industrial hand injuries :

Dr.Ramakant Bembde & his team has done lot of efforts to educate workers for using safe working practices & for spreading the knowledge of "preservation & transport of amputated parts in scientific way in cold environment so that they are suitable for replantation ".

Rehabilitation of hand injury patients is very important aspect of treatment. Hence we are having specially trained team of Hand Therapist & Physiotherapist along with advanced equipments in physiotherapy department.

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