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Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic

The word PLASTIC comes from the Greek word 'Plasticos' which means to recreate! We plastic surgeons treat all age group patients including neonates till extreme old age patients. Also we operate on both sexes & reconstruct almost all organs from head to toes. Actually plastic surgery should be best called as “ A Problem Solving Speciality of Surgery & plastic surgeons as “The Wound Healers”, as we help to heal any complex wounds or defects on any part of body from exposed brain , exposed heart, abdominal wall to ingrowing toenail.

1)Aesthetic Surgery:

We are pioneer in cosmetic surgery in this region since 1999. We for the very first time started Liposuction, Body Contouring, Rhinoplasty, Breast Reconstruction, Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery, Hymenoplasty, Tissue expander surgery, & Autologous Fat Transfer Surgery in this part of country. We did the first Breast implant, large volume mega Liposuction, and Hair transplant surgeries in this region. Cosmetic Surgery Specialty Clinics :

  • Liposuction and Body Contouring Clinic
  • Breast Implant & Surgery Clinic
  • Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Clinic
  • Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery
  • Hair Transplant and Restoration clinic
  • Scars and Tattoo Removal Clinic
  • Acne Scars-Dermabrasion Clinic
  • Laser clinic –CO2 Laser
  • Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • Gynecomastia Clinic
  • Mommy Makeover Surgery Clinic
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • Botox and Fillers Clinic
  • Vitiligo- White Patches Treatment Clinic
  • Revision Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dermaroller and Microdermabrasion Clinic
  • Ear and Eyelids Surgery Clinic
  • Non surgical Cosmetology Clinic
  • Regenerative cosmetic surgery
  • Anti-aging treatments

  • 2)Reconstructive Plastic Surgery:

    It includes plastic surgery for complex wounds, degloving trauma, leg injury , open fractures, cancer defects , birth defects, etc.

    3)Facio-maxillary Surgery:

    Complex facial injuries & fractures of facial bones We also do surgery for deformities of nose, chin, orbit, jaw, etc.

    4)Plastic surgery for birth defects :

    Birth defects of face, hand , chest , feet, genitals, etc. repaired with plastic surgery. Under Smile Train Project we daily provide Free Surgeries for patients of cleft lip and palate throughout the year.



    5)Laser Cosmetic Surgery:

    We have advanced CO2 fractional laser with RF Fractional Microneedling for treating all types of scars, burn scars, acne scars , facial rejuvenation. The surgical CO2 laser is useful for Nevus, moles, skin tags, tattoo, viral warts, etc. Our IPL helps to remove unwanted hair from any part of body safely.

    6)Hand Surgery :

    We are Regional Centre for Replantations of amputated parts of body ,Complex Hand Injuries & Industrial Trauma involving vascular, tendon & nerve injuries , hand tumours and birth defects of hand including fused fingers, absent thumb, etc.

    7)Burns Centre:

    We treat all critical major burns including electrical burns, chemical burns, industrial burns, flame & scald burns in children & adults. For huge non healing burns wounds we have Meek Micrografting machines from Netherlands. We are one of the biggest,most advanced,well equipped & ultramodern privately run Intensive Burn Care Unit in India with best success & survival rate of major complicated burn patients.



    8)Micro vascular Surgery:

    We do microvascular free flaps & replantations for re-joining the amputated parts.

    9)Diabetic Foot Clinic:

    It’s the only specialised regional centre for preventive & surgical care of foot ulcers & deformities to prevent amputations.

    10)Cancer Reconstructive Plastic Surgery :

    Dr. Bembde being fellow of Tata Memorial Hospital, passionate about plastic surgery for cancer defects of head, face , neck, skin cancers, limb tumours , etc. We are pioneers in breast reconstruction following breast removal for cancer.

    11)Genital Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery:

    We do plastic surgery repairs for fracture penis , vaginoplasty for absent vagina , vaginal tightening , hymenoplasty, clitoroplasty , P shots, O shots, labiaplasty, rectovaginal fistula repair, perineal tears repair, Hypospadias repair,etc.